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Who I Am

I exist to tell the greatest stories of our souls.

My bio states that I am a Celebrity Ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director, and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. If you ask me, I’m a bonafide Storyteller! I’ve written for a host of clients including VH1, MTV, WETV, BRAVO, BET, CENTRIC, YouTube, Grammy Award-winning artists, as well as the sports and entertainment industries and a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes. As the product of a single-parent home and childhood survivor of domestic violence, I recognized that there was great power in the transparency of my pain through storytelling. My goal as a media maven is to create platforms that allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard and to create books that feed our souls and sheds light on our experiences. As I always say, “we’ve got stories to tell.”

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I provide innovative solutions for writing and publishing books!

I’ve maintained a whirlwind romance with words for as long as I can remember and they have loved me back. With three decades of writing experience and over a decade of serving clients as a publishing industry leader, telling stories is what I do.


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